"Serenity" Monster Hunter to Resident Evil 4 

(To those with headphones you can hear it fine, but to the viewers without a headset or headphones, you might want to turn the volume just a tad bit up)

I discovered this a long time ago but now only get to show what my discovery is (maybe people may have discovered it before (I do not know)  I even asked around with people who do play both MH and RE4 they never even known about it)

As Monster Hunter released in 2004, in the 4★ Village Quest, you can access the swamp map. In area 1 (where the swamp veggie elder is) you can hear this very ambient bgm. It’s hard to really notice the “ambiance” due to the birds chirping and players are much too focused into hunting the monsters that can be fought in the swamp. If you listen closely though you can hear.

By 2005 Resident Evil 4 released, Leon S. Kennedy is the Protagonist of RE4, as you journey to find the President’s kidnapped daughter in Spain.

In areas where there is no hostiles, usually in a save spot, you can hear the same “ambiance” like music from Monster Hunter. 

Once the Resident Evil 4 “Biohazard 4 Original Soundtrack Book” released, this “ambiance” music, is number #7 in the playlist titled “Serenity”

Though the only difference is between the Monster Hunter and Resident Evil 4 sounds, is that RE4’s version is an octave lower in pitch but it is definitely the same track.

Just a really interesting discovery is all, since both games are Capcom brand. But hope this was interesting to you viewers as well~ Enjoy

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Ebola510 Gaming at it's most basic form: I'm done with this game (after next week)


I’ve been playing this game ever since I first came out, and I’ve been playing the series ever since I first came out on PSP. Now what kills this game for me are those elitist jerks. I’m around the same level that they are, but they feel it necessary to say that I am a very bad player and should…

Do you happen to play with randoms by any chance? I completely understand playing with your own armor preference as long as you’re not carting because of it. Unless, they’re going for speed runs I don’t see any reason to criticize someone’s armor selection. 

Anyway, I’m sorry that you’ve been playing with low-end players who have nothing better to do than ostracize other players with their elitism. It’s kind of sad that some parts of the community have to arbitrarily act that way and ruin the game for others. 

Advent's hunting grounds: Monster Hunter Frontier G on PS3 and Wii-U



As well as PC and Xbox360, but most likely still japan only…

"· PS3 version was released on November 20, the price of “Beginner’s Package" is 6,090 yen
· Wii U version is released in November, December, 6,090 yen “Beginner’s…

Funny thing is, knowing how paranoid Capcom is about Frontier, they might IP block the console to prevent it from being played outside Japan. They IP blocked the 360 version, what’s to stop them from doing the same to the PS3 They might go as far as region locking the game.

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